Laser Treatments

In New Braunfels & Spring Branch, Texas

Remove hair, reduce fat, and get rid of spider veins

Hair Reduction

We use the gold standard in lasers, therefore all skin types can be treated. Our lasers use the latest technology which is more effective and therefore requires fewer treatments than other technologies. The selective photothermolysis approach, is a timed pulse of an energy-filled laser beam which goes through the surface of the skin to the targeted treatment area. The laser is converted to heat energy in order to dissolve the unwanted skin cells or hair follicle. The Diolaze uses a shorter wavelength than other laser types and is more rapidly absorbed by melanin and the fine hair follicles. Because the laser targets color it is most effective on darker hair.

Spider Veins

Laser treatment for unsightly spider veins is very effective on surface blood vessels and the treatment offers little pain or downtime. Focused pulses of light are directed at the problem veins, targeting only the pigment in the blood vessel.

Fat Reduction

Whittle your waist and eliminate the love handles at one time. You can also reduce the muffin top area of the back and hips, upper back fat, and the outer thighs. Vanquish quickly and affordably improves problem areas that just don’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise.

Vanquish is painless. Patients describe it as being warm like a heating pad. Because the device does not touch the skin, the only side effects may be skin that feels warm and slightly tender, with minor swelling and redness that normally disappear within a few hours.

laser treatments detail in new braunfels and spring branch texas
"From the booking of the appointment, being simple, to the courtesy of the staff, I would hands down, give this place 1 million stars if I could. They have amazing results, great specials and prices, and are some of the nicest people I've ever encountered. My sister-in-law was so happy and she looks so great. Botox and lip fillers were our choice services. Excellent!"
Brittany Guzman (Google Review)