Start your beauty journey with a gift 🎁

Welcome to Uplifting Medi Spa at Spring Branch, TX, where your journey to radiant beauty begins with a special gift. As a heartfelt welcome to our new patients, we're delighted to offer you $25 off your first Tox session, plus a complimentary gift, exclusively at our Spring Branch location. This offer is our way of saying thank you for choosing us and is available to all new Tox patients. If you've enjoyed other services with us at Spring Branch but haven't experienced our Tox treatments yet, this special gift is for you too!


Uplifting Medi Spa

Welcome to Uplifting Medi Spa, your sanctuary for natural elegance and wellness. We're more than a spa; we're a community dedicated to empowering and rejuvenating your spirit, body, and mind.

At Uplifting Medi Spa, we believe in the harmonious balance of inner beauty and outer radiance. Our expert team of nurse practitioners and injectors, armed with cutting-edge technology and compassionate care, is committed to guiding you on a transformative journey. Here, every treatment is a blend of luxury and personalized care, designed to uplift and renew.

Our mission extends beyond beauty. As a pillar in the Spring Branch community, we strive to create a positive impact through our services and community involvement. Join us at Uplifting Medi Spa, where your journey to wellness and self-discovery begins with us, guided by trust, expertise, and a heartfelt commitment to your wellbeing.

Trust your skin and wellness to our expert care

Choosing the right care for your skin is crucial, and at Uplifting Medi Spa, we understand this better than anyone. At the heart of our expert team is Dr. Jen Upton, a distinguished professional whose unique blend of extensive emergency room experience and advanced research in patient care sets a new standard in the medi spa industry. As a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Dr. Upton doesn’t just bring a wealth of medical knowledge; she brings a deep, research-backed understanding of what truly benefits patients. Her approach is not only informed by science but also by a genuine, caring demeanor that has become a cornerstone of our patient experiences. With Dr. Upton, you're not just choosing a treatment; you're choosing a dedicated, thoughtful expert who sees and treats each patient as a unique individual, ensuring the highest standards of care for your skin.

β€œNew to the area and decided to give this place a try for my Tox maintenance and lip filler. I had lip filler a year ago somewhere else and it was the most painful thing I had ever done so I was hesitant to try again but did anyway. Jen and staff were UHMAZING! I felt nothing, they explained everything, made me feel so comfortable that I actually enjoyed the appointment. It felt like I was hanging out with really smart, highly trained friends! I 1000% recommend them!”

Misty Gardner

At Uplifting Medi Spa, excellence in care is our mantra, echoed by every member of our dedicated staff. Each professional on our team is handpicked for their expertise, commitment to quality, and compassionate approach to patient care. This ethos of excellence is further exemplified by Dr. Jen Upton's role as an esteemed AMET (Aesthetic Medical Educator Training) instructor. Her nationwide teaching engagements reflect not only her mastery in aesthetic medicine but also her passion for elevating industry standards. When you step into our spa, rest assured you're in the hands of a team that's not just experienced, but also at the forefront of medical spa innovation and patient-centered care.

Dr Jennifer Upton, Owner and Nurse Practitioner (DNP) Extraordinaire.

Confidence Renewed: Inside and Out

Embark on a journey at Uplifting Medi Spa where we redefine what it means to look and feel confident. Our treatments are more than skin-deep; they're a celebration of your unique beauty and a step towards inner confidence. Every visit to our spa is an intimate, rejuvenating experience that nurtures not only your physical appearance but also your inner well-being. We believe in the power of transformation that radiates from within, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that you leave feeling more confident, empowered, and radiant than ever before.

Remember, your journey to renewed confidence begins with an exclusive offer just for you. As a new patient at our Spring Branch location, you’re invited to embrace this transformative experience with $25 off your first Tox session and a special gift from us. It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your journey to empowerment and beauty. Let us be a part of your story, where every treatment is a step towards feeling as beautiful on the inside as you look on the outside.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people; here's what a few of them have to say

β€œI have recently moved to the area and have looked for a place to do a monthly facial. It has not been easy. This spa, however is great. It's sparkling clean and the tech is extremely knowledgeable. My skin is finally getting back on track.”

Carol McCarthy

β€œMy skin is absolutely radiant and glowing! Mayra is a master at her trade--the absolute best facial I have ever had!! Very knoledgeable and informative about the process and all the benefits of the products used. Rylee is beyond helpful and patient with any and all questions. Such a beautiful facility... will be going back in soon!”

Shaina Marie Cochrane

β€œI've been getting Dysport/Botox for 7 years. In the past, I have felt rushed in and out of other medi spas but not at Uplifting. The staff is so kind and friendly and they made sure I was happy with the results 2 weeks after my Botox settled. I speak on camera for a living so it was important for me to still have movement and look natural and they nailed it! It's a bit of a drive from Austin, but WORTH IT!”

Courtney Scott

β€œDr. Upton and her staff are amazing! Extremely professional and explained every detail of her recommendations and treatment plan. She was thorough and patient. I saw another provider prior to being referred to Dr. Upton; I am so pleased with the referral. Thank you Dr. Upton and staff!”

Sykes Isme

β€œI'm so impressed by this med spa in Spring Branch. Their office is beautiful, the staff are so friendly and welcoming, they don't keep you waiting, and they really listen to your concerns without pressure. Nurse Ashley is very skilled, and provided excellent results. It's nice to have a high quality med spa closer to home!”

Kelly Johnson

β€œAmazing experience! Staff was so friendly and place was so clean. My husband surprised me with getting lip fillers and they did a fantastic job! I will also be looking into other services that they provide. Highly recommend Uplifting Medi Spa!!”

Brittany Bolton

β€œAlways a great experience everytime I go! I have recommended to all my people and they too love it!!”

Madisson Beckworth

β€œEveryone at Uplifting Medi Spa is fantastic! Friendly, professional, prompt. I highly recommend HRT for senior women, it has been LIFE Changing for me!!!”

Cathy Kirby

β€œI had a GREAT experience. Highly recommend.”

T Palacios

β€œAshley was fantastic! I felt very comfortable with her and her suggestions. Wonderful experience!”

Kelly Close